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99 Slot Machines is an online casino with a focus on giving players as realistic of an experience as possible. They use RTG software to power their games and hold an online gaming license from the jurisdiction of Curacao.


Because 99 Slot Machines is powered by RTG, they have one of the biggest arrays of slot games in the industry. In fact, 99 may be an understatement. The RTG network of slots features random jackpots, diverse themes, and thrilling bonus rounds. Among the most popular games at 99 Slot Machines are Count Spectacular, Achilles, and T-Rex.

If you're looking for table games, 99 Slot Machines also has a remarkable amount of variety. Choose from a large number of blackjack games, American and European roulette, as well as numerous casino pokers, Vegas Three Card Rummy, red dog, baccarat, sic bo, and many others. Many of the games come with a friendly dealer voice, and all of them are available in a wide range of bet sizes.

Video poker players are almost certain to be pleased at 99 Slot Machines, home of one of the largest video poker libraries in the world. Whether you want single-hand or multi-hand action, you can have it. The number of variants is astounding, ranging from common games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild to incredibly off-the-wall versions such as Triple Double Bonus Poker and Pick 'Em Poker.


Everyone deserves to get prompt assistance when playing at an online casino. To accommodate their players, 99 Slot Machines has a live chat function within their casino client. This allows you to get the fastest answers possible. If you'd prefer, you may also contact 99 Slot Machines through their email, as well as by phone or even postal mail. Overall, their level of openness is commendable.

Security and Fairness

To protect players from cyber-thieves, 99 Slot Machines has instated a number of security protocols within their casino. The most prominent of these is 128-bit SSL encryption, which ensures that no one can have unauthorized access to your data as it travels to the 99 Slot Machines server. Once there, your information is kept behind an ironclad firewall.

Game fairness is a legitimate concern of many online players, but it's really not an issue at 99 Slot Machines. This is because they use RTG software, which is regularly audited by mathematics firms like TST on a regular basis. Although 99 Slot Machines does not post this report on their website, there is substantial evidence that the games are perfectly random.

  • Large amount of RTG slots, table games, and video pokers
  • 24/7 support through live chat, email, phone, or postal mail
  • Protected by 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Instant play casino of a lower quality
  • No third-party audit report or seal posted

99 Slot Machines Casino Reviews (8)

User time 18.03.2019 07:28

User Ogkillah time 11.07.2017 01:11

I won 1600 dollars using this casino and they won't pay me. They steal your money.

User Becky J. time 14.06.2016 00:57

This casino group which includes; Real Vegas Online, 99 Slot Machines, Mighty Slots, Plenty Jackpots, Slot Nuts, and Slots Inferno, is nothing more that a bunch of thieves.
I deposited in good faith, and I currently have withdrawals pending at four out of the six casinos totaling $9300. The status on every one of the withdrawals is still showing as requested. Each of these withdrawal requests is over six months old. Live Chat, email, telephone calls. Nothing ever changes. Basically, they have a license to steal, and there is no way to go after them. Do yourself a favor, and do not play at this casino group.

User scyan time 25.01.2013 00:34

99 Slot Machine is RTG powered software. 99 Slot machine has many sister casinos, such as SlotsInferno, SlotsLuv, SlotsNuts, Real Vegas Online and MightySlots. My personal nickname for this group of casinos is “Mighty Scam.”I would not recommend wasting any of your precious time on this casino or the casino’s affiliated to it. After cleaning up my computer and uninstalling over a dozen casinos. 99 Slot Machine was part of this group of casinos which I had uninstalled.I really wish I had read more reviews about this specific group of casinos and I would not have been so, so angry with this group. 99 Slot Machine offers loads of no deposit bonuses of which, all of its sister casino’s offer the same no deposit bonuses. I installed 99 Slot Machine as well as its sister casinos and made a point of playing the no deposit coupon offered, and not claiming another free chip after. Once a made a playthrough and requested a withdrawal. I made ABSOLUTELY sure that I had no redeemed a free chip before. After a few days had gone by, I received an email from their"MIGHTY SCAM" support team, which notified me that- I had played a no deposit chip in the other ‘sister’ casinos and because of this my win on this casino was denied.So- in short because I played a no deposit chip in its sister casinos. I was denied my withdraw only because I played a no deposit chip in its sister’s casinos. Which in reality as nothing to do with this account. What a load of rubbish!After being so frustrated with this “MIGHTY SCAM” – I only then decided to do some research on the world wide web regarding this group of casino’s. BOY, I surely found a lot of info on this “MIGHTY SCAM”. The official supposed name for this group is the Curgam Malta Ltd group. Also, known as the MIGHTY SLOTS group. I could not even find their Licensing Jurisdiction. If you are looking for a good RTG powered casino, please rather read reviews about them before wasting any of your time. This will avoid you as the player being ripped-off and frustrated !

User goldenmember time 11.11.2012 01:07

If you ever want to play at a casino you should definitely look into other peoples reviews. Of course some reviews are typically from disgruntled customers. Slots 99 do give a an entirely free $10 deposit offer which is great news if you want to try it out. Unfortunately you do have to get contact with their live support to get hold of this, and they do not have a 24 hour support desk - this is normally the case for smaller casinos. They are a real time gaming platform and these Real Time Gaming casinos are really only for people who cannot play anywhere else because the selection of games is usually a lot worse and the payouts are incredibly slow compared to casinos that are licensed in Europe.
To be honest there is nothing wrong with the games - obviously if you do choose to play the games you should always play the European variety of the game if you have the choice - for instance, European roulette which has a single 0 always offers better odds than american roulette with their double 0 and single 0 house edge. Similarly the blackjack and the European blackjack gives better odds for the European version as they force the hand to stick on a soft 17 which is better for the player. The selection of slot games is also mainly a 3 reel affair like Bonkers. This means smaller wins, but they are more conservative. There are games with scatters and wild cards, and there is a good selection of 5 reel games as well. I played through a few rounds of roulette then gave the slot games a try but did end up losing my no deposit bonus. There is nothing wrong with the games - the problem with this casino is the customer service.
I would rate this casino 5/10 - you can certainly find better choices to put your money into that are safer and are more fun if you live in Europe.

User ValDes time 27.05.2012 01:16

99 Slot Machines casino is a classic example of a typical rogue casino! And unfortunately I found it when it was already too late! I still have to receive more than a hundred dollars from this bunch of liars but although it has passed a year since than I will not let them live in piece!
Everything began in the early 2011, when I was with such an empty pocket, that even if you shake it a whole day you won’t find anything!:) So, my greedy eyes were delighted to see such a generous free chips offer, which was received in my e-mail form 99 Slot Machines casino and I became a customer there in no time! Almost from the start I noticed some very disturbing signs that something is not quite in order in this place – the live support was almost constantly offline, even the website was missing from time to time, not to mention the software, which was dropping in the middle of the spin at least ten times a day! So I decided to take it easy and after I lost the free chips all that I could afford to deposit was 20$ (and luckily)! Didn’t used any bonus and tried some of my favourite RTG slots like Mayan Queen, Pay Dirt and Happy Golden Ox of Happiness! Although I played in the lowest bets I managed to make a 100 winnings in a few days and with balance of 120 it was payback time and requested a withdrawal! From this moment till today I still haven’t seen even a sign from my money and to be more entertaining they locked my account on the second day with the explanation – irregular play, which really don’t know what is yet!!!
Anyway, I made about a hundred live chats, send a few dozens of e-mails – nothing helped! I even submitted a complaint through the Central Dispute System and for a certain period I was assured from their representatives that a mistake has occurred and I will get my money soon and blab la bla! Just a brief look at the section, dedicated to 99 Slot Machines here at, unfortunately reveals me that these scam practices are still used by these rascals! Beware from 99 Slot Machines casino!
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 1/10
Software: 9/10
Security: 1/10
Finance: 0/10
Bonuses: 10/10
Terms&Conditions: 0/10
Overall: Avoid this casino at any cost – they are proven rogues!
Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

User casinoian87 time 01.05.2012 00:06

It's like a remix to the Jay Z Ninety nine problems but a bi**h ain't one, this casinos remix is "99 Slots machines but we won’t pay if you won HIT IT it is fi fi fi fire track, the re re re re - mixxx 2012 edition". This album is taking the streets by storm get out your wallets, link your bank accounts, drive to the nearest western union, money gram, get hooked up with your click 2 pay, get your Net spend your Visa Master Card American Express, and since you have to pay if you wanna play, we don't care if it’s night or day, get in your ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan or your Chevrolet, drive to CVS, Rite Aid, Shop Rite, Wall Mart and go to the rack, and load all you got on that Green Dot Money Pack, get back in your car and call it in, and use your cell phone to dial in, if that don't work you should not worry or feel in a bind, just wait till you get home and load it online.
It's your money spend it play, we got 99 slot machines but we won't ever pay, so if you had 99 problems and a Bit*h ain't one, not you 102 problems become because your bank account says none, now your girl left you she called you a bum, next we get to problem 101, when it comes to rent and you can’t pay, there is nothing your landlord will care when you say that your waiting for a check it will be here in a week maybe two, he doesn't care and locks you out, you try to beg and you can say just one more week, but it’s too late he just took the locks and filled them with glue, and looked at you and said F U, now were at problem 102. You’re out on the streets, picking up cans, stealing for food, and bothering everyone even for a dime, this is what can happen if you deposit at casino Ninety Nine.
I saw the name of the casino and tried to make a little rhyme out of how bad it is, I’m white and my name isn’t Eminem so don’t judge me to harshly lol.
If you couldn’t tell by my song, don’t play here; go to a review where a bad rap written by a white guy isn’t how the casino is described.

User FAZIII1 time 05.04.2012 00:34

99 Slot Machines is ROGUE Rtg Casino -I registered some times ago in this place because I received some spam with promotions 100 free for new player-I play and no win... But after I registered I starts received massive spam from this casino and all others Roque casino from this group with Excelent deposit promotions 100%-bonus No wager no, max cashouts next 200% no wager.
- So I think hmm, good offer but maybe I try find something about this place in web- and in web was a lot information about-99 Slots Machine no pay-waiting overs few month to withdrawal. Pay only small amounts after few months. Now I know why they send this massive spam with free bonus with low wager. They thinks if a lot players use free promotions win something and wont withdrawal winnings - they answer will be first your must do deposit 21$to be able to withdrawal your no deposit bonus winnings.
-And after player do deposit they stole Money. Same situations with Low wager excellent Deposit Promotions sending to my and other player emails. What a unethical business practice trying stole money from players.- So this Place and all sisters casinos offered a lot no deposit bonus - sending in massive spam-if player registered in one of casino from this Rogue group then will be received everyday massive spam with Very Good Promotions -But if player win then casino will be do big problem with cashouts.
-Be careful don't play in 99 SlotMachines because this place usually no Pay players don't answers to emails or give wrong answers in live chat -about withdrawal -confirm you - yes you soon received your money- but of course this is not true.
-Unethical business practice
-Poor reputation in player satisfaction.
-Slow payouts,
-Non payment issues have been reported.
I recommend to choose an alternative casino when making a deposit. Is a lot better Rtg Casino.
99 Slot Machines ROGUE PLACE -this is my opinion and also a lot other people who have big problems to received money from this place. Be careful don't play in this casino.
1/10 for this place.