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Adameve Casino is an online casino that hails itself as the "Gensis of Online Casino". It is powered by Playtech and CTXM. Its website features an easy-to-use and tempting interface, playfully referencing the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The casino received its Curacao license in 2010. Unfortunately, players from the France among other countries are not permitted to play at Adameve Casino. For the full list of restricted countries, please refer to the casino details section.


Gamblers won't get bored with Adameve Casino's extensive list of slot games. Since the games are powered by CTXM, they feature quality animations and unique paytables. Popular favourites include the decadent Party Night slots, the aquatic Atlantis Dive slot, and the enchanting Mystic slots. Whether you like full-blown video slots or simple three-reel slots, Adameve Casino has something for all.

Table games players can also choose from Adameve Casino's large library. Players can play three different variants of roulette and six variants of blackjack. Additionally, Adameve Casino offers craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Card Wars, baccarat, and many others. Adameve Casino, without a doubt, has one of the largest table game selections around.

Video poker players can enjoy playing single- and multi-hand variants of several popular and off-the-wall variations. From Jacks or Better to Coliseum Poker, Adameve Casino's video poker games will keep you drawing. With a wide selection of scratch and speciality games to top it off, we are quite satisfied with Adameve Casino's game library.


Players need to know that they can get the assistance they need when they need it. Adameve Casino makes this a priority. Players can get in touch with them 24/7 through their live chat. Additionally, inquiries can be sent via their e-mail address. Adameve Casino does a fine job at making their support team accessible. We have been pleased with the quality of the assistance, as well.

Security and Fairness

With the increasing threat of viruses and hackers, Adameve Casino has enacted measures to keep their players safe. They use 256-bit SSL encryption for all confidential transmissions of data. By doing this, they completely remove the risk of you losing your financial information to strangers on the Web.

Unfortunately, Adameve Casino does not appear to have any fairness guarantees on its website. Since they use CTXM software instead of proprietary games, though, it is pretty safe to assume that the games are genuinely fair.

  • Large selection of all kinds of CTXM games
  • 24/7 support accessible via live chat or e-mail
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • No third-party audits of game fairness

Adameve Casino Reviews (20)

User Johnajax time 27.08.2015 00:17

I see that this casino have some good and some bad reviews and I am afraid that this review will be bad too. I first heard about Adameve poker and I think that in that time they even didn’t have casino but I am not sure. I don’t have big objections on their site, software or games it seems nice but I will tell you about the problem I had.
One day I got free code for their casino and I decided to use that to try build up my account, I lost almost everything maybe few cents left in my account. Maybe few months after that I was playing free roll tournament on their poker and I won first place (about 75$) and you all know when you win money on freeroll tournament that is cash and you don’t need to wager that. I decide to transfer that to my casino, I played some games a had about 100$ when I asked for cashout and there was a problem. They told me that I need to wager that money 50 times because it was rules of first bonus which I use. I tried to explain then that only few cents were left from that bonus and almost all money was won on poker on freeroll tournaments and they refuse to admit that and they refuse to pay me. They were pretending to don’t understand problem but I think that it is very clear and if they were fair they will pay me my money. I must also say that contacting their customer support was annoying because they answered on email very very slow and that whole situation was so annoying and in the end they weren’t fair at all.
I saw that they trying to avoid my payments and I was angry, I went to casino and lost all my money in 5 minutes and never come back to this casino.

User aussiejass time 06.11.2014 01:00

Adam eve casino is from the Games OS software and i personally am not their biggest fan but such bonuses entice me to join any casino with any software.CTXM is also one of the software providers.
They had a lot of promotions for the new users but the one i wanted was the 50$ free and got it easily. Even though i had heard a lot of complaints about this casino when i asked some gambler friends of mine but free money was not going to do any damage. The max cash out was only 25$ so i from the beginning only did not quite this casino. used the code WELCOME and got the bonus. The play through was 80 times but i did not care about anything because of the max cash out so i was just here to have some fun and if i manage to meet the wager then i would withdraw. Played mystic slots , roulette and a lot of games and i have never seen such a slow casino ever. I mean the games did not give any action at all in fact my no deposit bonus was over in like 30 minutes.
Slots were very low return to players or in fact 0 return to players and table games were a little better than that but it could have been good only if i were playing with the real money because nothing good could have happened unless i had met the play through. Atlantis queen as a little better than all the other games. i do not think i would advise any one to risk their money on this casino but honestly do no know how the games would be with the real money because the scenario totally changes.
This casino is a 4 for me and that too because of the free money that i had gotten from them and it really warned me to not deposit money on such casinos and moreover they have a hell loads of complaints.

User catapultaudio time 30.09.2014 00:04

Adam and Eve casino are getting a lot of hype at the moment - I suspect they are paying their affiliates much better than they are paying their players! Whilst there aren't a HUGE number of complaints about them here at AskGamblers, searching the net reveals that there are many players having issues when it comes to even moderately sized withdrawals. I advise caution if you are interested in playing here.
They offer a whole range of what might not even be called bonuses... they are effectively just a way of converting your money into "fun mode" credits ... and if you see it that way, as I do, well I guess that in itself is pretty dodgy. Thing is, if they are giving you a bonus of 20,000 percent, then the wagering requirement ensures that mathematically any deposit you make should be long, long gone by the time you finish wagering, no matter how generous they might have appeared to be. A handful of people might manage to cash out, by amazing fluke, but otherwise, the minute you accept these "bonuses", your money is gone.
The "GamesOS" games they offer are mostly total trash, super low variance games with zero chance at a big win. In fairness, they have released a few that don't fit this description in recent months, a couple have even impressed me a little, but for the most part, you only want to be bothering with the playtech games - and they don't allow you to play those using bonus money!!!
So, you have a casino that has very tight monthly cashout limits, that is reportedly making it difficult for players to get their hands on those small cashouts anyway, that puts emphasis on their great bonuses as a way to offset their long cashout times, yet they don't allow those bonuses to be used to play their most popular slot games! It all just smacks of a desperate operation that is desperately short on money, and I'm honestly surprised they have managed to stay in business as long as they have.
Stay well away.

User LilianInThaHouse time 30.08.2014 00:51

Adameve Casino is one of the few casinos that offer CTXM and Playtech games. the rest of the casinos that offer this combination of games they too often have some no deposit bonus. But the terms for these bonuses are ridiculous. For example here via Askgamblers this casino offered a bonus of even 333 euros. But the wagering requirements for this bonus are an incredible 90 x bonus. Which means that if you accept this bonus you need to wager almost an incredible 30 000. If you ask me that’s practically impossible. Maybe it could if the Playtech slots were counted towards the wager. But that’s not the case here and only CTXM games count towards wager. These games left a very bad impression on me. I think that the video slots that this software provider has to offer are among the worst in the entire gambling industry at least when it comes to payout from these slots. Visually they don't look so bad.
What I like about this casino is the look of their front page. I think that’s a good example how a start page should look like. The navigation is extremely easy. All needed tabs are lined vertically on the top of the page. Which is very functional and practical. It is very easy to find what you are looking for. Also the overall look of the page is very clear without unnecessary details. I can't say much about the casino itself. I have an account here for a long time but I have never made adeposit or contacted their live chat support or tested the speed of their withdrawal process. I just played here occasionally for free money. That was for pure fun not hoping that I could win some money on these bonuses. That doesn't mean that Adam Eve casino is a bad casino simply for some reason I am not interested in making a deposit here. I even think that Adam Eve is a safe casino because there are only two complaints here at AG for them.

User Imvikas911 time 27.08.2014 00:59

This one is also exact same like chips palace and heavy chips casino and i like hat this portal has very big no deposit bonus and this is a good way to get new users to join their casino and it worked on me so i joined this casino.used the WELCOME code in order to get 50$ no deposit bonus with a wager of 99 times but that might increase if we play play tech games so he bonus is a catch in itself. For new users go to lobby and then bonuses to claim it if you do not get the bonus in the beginning because i experienced this problem an wasted a lot of time to understand this.
As always i played casino hold em and kept the ante 1$ this time because i clearly remember that last time i got impatient and be big and lost 20$ in just 15 to 20 minutes. This time i was very serious about meeting the wager so was not calling any hand and managed to bust the dealer and he did not qualify a lot of times. As soon as my balance was 65$ i left this game as i always feel that they let you win in the beginning to tempt and then take it all from you.
So after that i went to play blackjack . Play tech and OS is one of the fastest portals if compared to top game and viral and even micro gaming. Because the loading does not take very long. After some like 12 - 15 hands i was bored as the game was a little tight and not my type. Then played American Roulette for a while and i really liked this game and have always been a fan of this game since the beginning. My account was 0 when i left this game and could not try slots here but i guess i know because i have played on casinos which are exactly same so i guess if i were to make a deposit i would not do that here as they are a lot of better options.

User yapro time 27.07.2014 00:18

Hohoho, i am evil santa (what!?). This will be definitely bad review, i will destroy this casino in this review. Adameve casino using gameos slots, and this games is extremely low variance. Also adameve casino giving out lot of no deposit bonuses, probably more than any other online casino, but most their bonuses have only 25$ max withdrawal, and since that this bonuses useless.
I never made real money deposit in this casino, and i will not. I will share with you story about adamevepoker. Few years ago this guys was very active on russian poker forums, they representative, promotions, etc. One day things come very bad, and casino stop paying withdrawals. Casino never say that it has problems, nothing like this, this guys just did not pay money. After few months passed, casino make the most funny offer and funny statement i ever see. It offers to buy players cashout money, in rate 0.30$ for every 1$ in payout. Imagine any other online casino will do something like this to you, just say 'hey, let us buy your withdrawal for 30% or we will not pay you at all'. Some players agree, some not, but the things is still very bad. So i am of course can only give you friendly advice stay away from this place, as far, as you can. Even not need to take no deposit bonus at adameve casino, because you will get a lot of headache for 25$ max win from this no deposit bonus.
I think it is first online casino here that i rate with 1 star. But such jokers of course did not deserve any higher rating. They simply steal money from a good poker players, who work every day to earn this money, and when casino steal money, it is the worst thing that even can happen.

User nikita11 time 30.06.2014 00:44

I joined this casino about a year ago and i remember i had only joined for the free money and i am always looking for casinos which are offering free money and love it always. They had given me a no deposit bonus of 50 dollars and i was very happy about it as it was the biggest no deposit bonus i had ever gotten and i was more than
glad to have claimed it.
They have OS games which is no very nice in my thinking but i had to try them because i was not going to leave the no deposit without playing . I started with magic pot and played it for the very first time so did not have a lot of idea about these games so i was just choosing by name and pay line. i was not very happy with magic pot as i was playing with them on 0.40 per spin and for a very long time did not hit anything and was little down so i decided to leave this game and start fresh with a new one. Mystic slots was the next game i played and this one was very nice and managed to win some where around 25-30 $ from this slot only within a single hour. I liked their site a lot and it is very beautiful.
They have a good support staff which helped me twice and i always ask them about nice games and they always helped me and i want to thank them for it. Played a lot os slots then tried my hand in American Roulette. I lost my no deposit and did not do a deposit on this casino site. As i was already registered with other casino so did not want to put money in 2 places. I think it is a more than average casino and i would rate them 8 out of 10.

User vaibhavsingh time 03.06.2014 00:33

Well Adam eve casino room is definitely one of the worst casino rooms ever to be licensed ever in this industry. They have an Adam and eve theme on this casino room as the name says it all. what they also have is the stupidest games in existence. And the software that supports this casino room is the CTXM software which is also very average in terms of the games provided by them. Well about the bonus they have to offer and even if you if you manage to meet the wagering requirements the real money you are gonna get is only 29 euros so why make them rich by making the amount 90 times and getting only 20 euros for it.
I just wish that someone had warned me about joining this casino room and that would have saved me 30 euros and would have saved me the mental harassment as well.No matter how many no deposit bonuses they offer or how many welcome package bonuses they have but that cannot help the games from sucking and it was a bid disappointment because looking at the bonuses and promotional efforts from this casino room you will never be able to make out the fact that they'd be having suck shit games. Even super fun slots like hulk and rocky could not do anything and the games were not responsive at all and whats worse is that the support team never replied because i wanted to withdraw the 42 euros i had accidentally won including my 30 euros deposit and first they asked me to wait for 3 days as it was their scheduled time to process a cash out and then till date i have not gotten a reply from their end.
Guys i just wanna warn you all and help you so please do not join this casino room and this is all written in the best interest of yours because i did not have a source to know about them when i had joined thanks.

User katemak time 25.04.2014 00:20

Adameve Casino is an Playtech casino which they also have the OS games.Hm about OS games well what can I tell you ,i think that they are the most annoying games or its maybe the fact that i dont like this games.I did sign up here few months ago ,when i saw a free chip they were offering ,so why not try theirs slots.
First of all i dont like casinos of that ,specially with the OSgames and i think as a new player you wont have any idea where to insert the code to get this free spins or free chip.So if you will use free chip you have to use the lobby to claim the code or the free spins,well by me is annoying .
So to get back to the free chip if i knew at the beginning that the free chip they were offering is on the OS games i wouldnt even bother.So let me explain ,like first they have 2 different promotions of the free spins ,the one is they gave you free chip to wager it and i have to say theirs wagering are super ,extra high x99 so you can cashout only 20 euros ,and the second one is better when you need to deposit to cashout more,well thats depends of the free chip you get.
Anyway I cant see my self all that spinning for all week ,and spinning and spinning for a 20 euros ,hmm I dont think so.When i was researching about Adameve i didnt found anything bad, so to cut the story,maybe if they would give the freechip in the Playtech casino maybe i would give it a try ,but OS games i dont think so.I definitely dont like OS games ,so i will never deposit here.Well for those of you who likes theirs OS games good luck!

User blondie time 23.04.2014 00:40

I'm not even sure how I ended up in Adam Eve casino, I guess I was downloading something and their advertisement came up on my laptop screen. I wanted to see what askgamblers have to say about this casino and there hasn't been any new review this year so I hope this is gonna be a fresh experience and hopefully, helpful to someone.
They have a few promotions but the best fit for me was the "Welcome" bonus promotion which meant I got 50 Eur bonus without depositing anything with wager x88, to get a sight at their casino,I think it's great, as they have many bad reviews. The signing up took only few minutes and my welcome bonus was added to my account immediately. They also provide you with the opportunity to instant play or download their app. I saw that they have playtech games but I decided to use my bonus on bj and roulette, because for my eye, the design wasn't interesting and good looking at all. I think this is the first casino I played where there aren't live dealers.
So I went to European roulette table to spend my bonus. I usually on roulette place small bets on various places (like 0,25 Eur or 0,50) but the minimum amount there is 1 Eur. Oh well, I didn't deposit anything so I put higher bets than I would usually put. I won many times but the weird thing I experienced there (later in BJ too) was that when I increased my bets, I immediately lost. And when I put smaller bets, I won, It seemed a little strange, As I said, the same thing happened in Black Jack. I put bets on 3 player places so the game is more interesting and the opportunity tobeat the dealer is bigger. Maybe it's just my bad luck but each time I put a higher bet the dealer had black jack. Each time! I'm not kidding. Anyways, I would be disappointed if I would have deposit my own money, there are many better casinos with better variety of games than this one.

User rabbit38 time 09.02.2014 00:40

I am astonished how such a predatory casino is still in business, be aware that there are a lot of evil Terms buried deep in their T&C, that make sure no player will ever cashout any noteworthy amount of money if he is lucky enough to win.

User biemme time 13.01.2014 01:00

After 5 days i have been paid. Their poor customer service didn't helped me to claim the 2nd and 3rd stage of MUSTACHIO promotion (i could cashout until 3 times more). I think that it's possible to be paid, but it's not the best place, specially in the last times (pt increased to 55-80x and roulette count as 20% instead of 25%). The ponzi scheme is falling. Avoid at all multi stage promotions that need live chat help!!! So I think that risking to deposit more than 10-20€ is not a good idea and with these new wagering requirements i prefer other casinos.
And never forget the rule that is possible to cashout only 10x deposit and bets cannot be more than 30% of bonus.

User pokersep time 13.01.2014 00:03

Very bad place to play if you like to win, because as long as you lose they are nice and helpful, but as soon as you win they will try every sneaky trick to avoid paying you.They stole over 2000euro from me because i played roulette with my own money and i didnt used any kind of bonus.
Too bad you"placed straight bets on roulette" and thats irregular betting in adamevecasinos eyes, so goodbye 2000 euro....
Stay away!

User biemme time 17.11.2013 00:51

Hi, 12 november i claimed a promotion called MUSTACHIO1, with 10€ deposit they gave me 500€ bonus, wagering 40x, max cashout 100€. I've played regularly to admitted games and i've completed the turnover on 15 november. I've asked a withdrawal by skrill (my first withdrawal request). I've sent them an email with my id card too. Live chat is ALWAYS offline. NO REPLY UNTIL NOW (more two days have passed and in the site they say to reply in 24 hours). I've asked by email the MUSTACHIO2 code for free too (as written in their promotion for players that complete the turnover, it's possible to can claim two more promotion for free). Now is 17 november and no reply (ony new promotions..). Withdrawal request are processed in 72 hours as written in their t&c, let's see, today is the third day, but i'm a bit skeptical. Seems a rogue attitude. If you have a contact inside casino please give me, thanks.

User bogdangy time 29.07.2013 00:55

I want to tell you about this casino that I consider isnt so good because their bonuses have very high wagering requirements and you cant complete them!When I signed up to this casino,they offered me a no deposit bonus of 50 euro!I started to play and after 2 hours of intense playing I searched the bonus terms and conditions to see the necessary wagering requirements!When I saw the requirements I was really shocked because it was 99 times!So 50x99=4950 euro to wager to be able to withdraw and it is almost impossible!Of course,I resumed my playing and after a couple of minutes I lost the bonus money!
The games they are offering are pretty good,they have card games,table games,scratch games,video poker and slots games like Iron Man,Rocky or Incredible Hulk!You could choose to play these games instant,on your web browser or you could download the casino!I like the downloaded version because it has nice skin and also the games seems to run better!
After the bad experience with the no deposit bonus,I decided to give this casino another chance and make a deposit to see what bonus I will receive!I made a deposit of 30 euro and received 200% bonus but again the wagering requirements were a little bit to high,40 times deposit+bonus,that means 90x40=3600 to wager to request an withdrawal!I didnt managed to complete the requirements,I tried but no luck this time!I will try again this casino when I will have more money,I want to deposit 100 euro to receive the mid-roller bonus,100% up to 500 euro!With 200 euro to play and only 20 times wagering requirements maybe I will win some big money at this casino!Now,I will rate this casino,I will give only an 8 for the bonuses,a 9 for playtech games,8 for the support and 9 for the payment methods!

User Sup3rma17 time 26.07.2013 00:51

Adameve casino originally has a CTXM software equipped with them that doesn't surprise me too much unlike Real Time Gaming or Microgaming. However on this special occasion once in a while things can start off nicely only because a certain affiliate has brought to my attention a very rich bonus amount that tops anything I've seen before!
Now the bonus is overall great to it's stature but one thing that became a problem is what was stalking it. The stalker for this bonus held a challenging 90 times for the $333 no deposit! My chances became dull almost making it nearly void or impossible to achieve. That's $29970 to complete just for $333!?!? An eyesore for my eyes that poked me on each for that stinging sensation or better yet dynamite around myself being tied up with some tight rope with a lever in front of me as I saw a seagull land on it to detonate them mistaking it for a perch....(reenacting the sounds of an explosion) that's what I feel about the wagering requirements! What I wondered is why couldn't Adameve casino incorporate this nice bonus, seeing it's large amount, with the recently added Playtech software? To add more to my repulsion against this bonus after that giant in need of some serious slaying...that's if I can take it down all I can take with me is just $50!?!? That's insulting!!! The least I could expect to withdraw after 5 digit playthroughs are at least $300 or so but $50!?
Anyways, with this $333 bonus I placed large bets, spilling them on China MegaWild for $20 bets initially then $40 for when plenty of wilds come forward to enhance my gaming experience and Summer Dream for $30, yes, $30 a spin! $60 bets were too much and alongside my bets came a win for about $300+ on one spin with the Megawild in the centre accompanied with a few more wilds and 5 high lady symbols but as this was within the wagering requirements it didn't matter because the WR that came with my bonus is the killer of all winnings & emotions! I would get a different impression if these were my own funds instead of the bonus. In conclusion the bonus withered completely like an unattended vegetable plant that required liquids, air & heat to survive.
Support wasn't there and became offline but be as it may I didn't need them. Much needed to be learned from this casino now that Playtech has brought more "NEW cards" to the able. This time I will make a $60 deposit on Adameve and see what outcome lies within my lingering bets! For the bonus and my experience I would rate them as a 6 out of 10! Maybe Adameve casino can receive a 9 out of 10 IF they quadruple my deposit in my future cashout ;)

User CrazyGambler time 20.07.2013 01:10

I tried AE casino since they had a new player no deposit bonus. On the first look, the UI looked very dull and unimaginative, seemed very old school. The plus side of this is how ever the user has access to all the data directly in one place, be it bonuses, Wagers made etc. I hate it when I have to ask the support team every time if i wanted to know my wagers and if I have cleared my WR. The casino has a decent amount of slots, with addition of playtech games, a lot more glamour has been added to the casino.I will remember AE casino for one reason and that's I completed a 99x WR.One fine days the people over AE decided to give everybody a no deposit bonus of 7 with 99x WR. Being an enthusiast, (or what ever you call it) I gave it a try. I have only played about 10 different games in this casino. I opened the "summer dreams slots" and would you believe it, I completed the WR with well over a $100 in the account in less than 2 hours. To my disappointment, the max cash-out in this promotion was the initial free-be of $7. Well, what can you say when its free. I lost that $7 in less than 7 seconds playing the same game, How ironic.One of the best things about AE is their promotions. They always have something around the corner. They are very generous, offering free spins every other weeks and plenty of no deposit bonuses. Recently they had a carnival week packed with goodies and it was a lot of fun. They offer both instant play and downloadable software. Their customer support is at par, but could improve.This casino offers a lot of promise, but its still to soon to tell if it will be a big hit. There a a lot of areas where the casino can make improvements with UI being the primary concern. The T&C here were clear enough for me, but their bonuses have a variety of T&C and not all no deposit bonuses have the same T&C. So always spend some time reading it, since it will save you a lot of hassle . I have had some nice experiences here at the casino, but it still hasn't given me the confidence to invest in it just yet.I am rooting for AE and will key an eye out for them. I would rate this casino at 7.0

User bigdk88 time 06.07.2013 00:03

I Joined Adam&Eve well over a year ago now possibly nearer 2 years ago. On my first free chip I made the wagering played on a video slot called China Megawild what you need to know about this slot is it is extremely high variance it will take ages to hit big but when it does you won't believe your eyes I hit 5 pelicans at 20p coin x 3lines got just over £100. That doesn't sound much but as I was only playing 3 lines it is a pretty good return and even more so when you know I started at 3x5 and gradually built up my balance. In the end after clearing my wagering of 2 grand or so I cashed out £25 not alot but it was for nothing.
The next time I played here was just this year I took a long break from playing these slots due to the discovery of netent(awesome software first slot I played was Secret Code @ Paf) anyway back to Adam and eve upon playing a free chip of 777 recently I played on Farm slot I used to think this game was average but its far from it if you plug away for a while it pays out really big! At one point during wagering of my free 777 I hit 4 strawberries worth 3grand it was spread across 3 lines aa £1 per line so thats 2,500x for the 5 strawberries and 250 each respectively for the other way which is 3 strawberries and 100x my total bet of 30quid. This wasn't the only big hit I got this slot went ape it kept giving huge wins of over a grand and close to a grand loads of times! Thorougly recommend this slot! and you get cashback when you collect the fruit and vegetables needed for the field.
Adam and Eve may not have a massive selection of great slot games but the fact there are a few gems and a good catalogue of playtech slots to try out also a variety of casino games like Video Poker,Roulette,Multi Hand poker and Bacarrat.
Adam and eve reply to all my emails in record time and explain very clearly about bonuses and promotions. They also host great tournaments one of which I did pretty good in but played for too long and lost but that was my own fault not the casinos.
In Summary I'd recommend this site to a friend as I said has hidden gems and a good catalogue of playtech.
PRos and CoNs
Wide Variety of casino games
Great slots China Megawild and Farm slot also Playtech Slots
Regular deposit and no deposit bonuses
Regular tourneys
Fast payouts
Great customer care team
Some of the no deposit chips have mammoth sized wagering to complete.
Barely any good slots from there own software Gamesos software in my opinion only like the 2 I mentioned above
Some of the chips are pointless as its such a low cashout at the end of wagering Ie the €77 free chip you wager 77x and only win €7 on completion!
Adam and Eve gets 7/10 Some hidden gems but could have better conditions on free chips and better returns on some of there other games os slots

User szirtisas time 10.06.2013 00:38

I saw a lot of advertisement they offer some kind of promo codes to their new players to try their casino risk free. I read some complaint from them before I register and I saw I need to be carefully with them and read all the terms and conditions before I starting to play. I check their homepage but I didn’t found the no deposit terms and conditions so I downloaded their software because I was curious their games.
I registered to the instant play version because when I want to install the software I get a black error window.So I register trough the instant play version I fill my personal details and entered the special no deposit code what I get at the forum.
The bonus details was 90x wagering requirements of any kind of games.
I successfully claimed the no deposit bonus and I get my money instantly but I can’t able to play with this bonus at the playtech machines (my balance was 0 when I try to play at the marvel hackpot machines but when I opened another machines {non progressives} my balance was 10, so you don’t able to play any games).
I opened the vampire slayer slot and started to play with the minimum bet (0,30 cent).
The slot design not was the best, I started my spins without I checked the play table.
I spin some then I get the bonus game, if the 3 vampire slayer scatter appears you able to choose 3 from 5 coffin, I thought I can won from it but not I only get 2 dollar from the bonus game. After a few spin I get the 5 free spins (if you get 3 or more bag you can spin free) But I didn’t won some valuable. I stayed at this machine and play down my whole balance. I don’t know the pay outs are how going on but I like their casino, it seems friendly and trustfully.

User Icymod time 26.04.2013 00:11

Adameve Casino gave me the opportunity to try out a Free Chip. Although I decided to wait on something bigger than just $25 to start. So I waited for a couple of months only to find an even bigger no deposit bonus. That saying is true," Good things come to those who wait!". Thanks to Latestcasinobonuses I am able to take up $333 that came with a 30x wagering requirement.
Now that idea landed a big $9990 wagering before I can make cashouts but at the time this was more of a challenge then a let down. I would provide you all with a link but unfortunately AskGamblers would not allow me nor will this offer be available anymore. It stopped at July 31 of last year. What I was informed of first is the cashout was at $5 but since they required a minimum deposit of $10 the cashout rose the limit of $5 to a maximum $100. All I can say is the full $9990 lasted for 11 days because I played on Adameve like a light switch. On for when I felt lucky, hitting expected amounts and off when my luck turned bad immediately (seeing a string of losses). It was a give and take moderation process with about less than 2 hours every time I tried my luck with the $150 bonus. Archipelago, Freaky Gym Slots, China Megawild, Party Night, Freaky Fruit Slots and Summer Dream made it quite easy for me. I just like how some slots tend to leave players on neutral/status quo when under a bonus. It allows wagering requirements to be wasted without lowering cash at a significant rate. Mystic Slots and Aztek Slots were not giving me the respect I deserve. When all my wagering was completely erased from my account I finally made a $10 minimum deposit to gain an $80 withdrawal. Sure, the cashout limit was set at $100 but it seems when I chased an additional $10 when I had $90 to make a full cashout I ended up losing $10 leaving me with $80.
In the past, I knew of 4 affiliate websites/forums that provided me with good information about this casino, Casinomeister, Casinobonus2, Latestcasinobonuses and Nodepositforum. But now at the present I know a lot more adding AskGamblers to the list. There are a few more but right now my mind is a little foggy from remembering them. It is great to have these sites on the internet because they are like guidance counselors or specifically just a guide to help give information to players about the online casinos, their wagering requirements and their bonuses. This for me meant no more traps and tricks from rogued casinos, like a fly flying into an electric trap (lamp, Net etc.) but of course seeing the past without any help from these reputable affiliates/forums cannot undo what I have lost from Rogued and scamming casinos...Time and money spent altogether. Overall this casino deserves a 6.5 out of 10!