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EuroPlay Casino is an online casino with a full range of live and virtual games. It is powered by Playtech, one of the largest software platforms in the online gaming industry. The casino holds an online gaming license from the jurisdiction of Curacao.

Virtual Games

EuroPlay Casino contains some of the most popular online video slots. Players can enjoy playing a number of branded favorties from Playtech, including Pink Panther, Iron Man 2, and Kong, along with many others. All of their slot games come with bonus features and unique themes to keep the experience as entertaining as possible.

If you are looking for virtual table games, EuroPlay Casino has several for you to choose from. Enjoy the thrill of roulette with a number of different variants, including 3D and multiplayer. Blackjack players have access to single-hand and multi-hand variants with favorable rules. You can also try your luck with the dice in craps, or go for a big win in Tequila Poker or Casino Hold 'em Poker.

EuroPlay Casino is also home to a number of different scratch cards. If you're looking for extreme variance and the chance of winning big with the smallest of bets, these are the games for you. Choose from a number of different themes and game structures to find the scratch card for you. Some of the most popular games include A Night Out, Top Trumps Celebs, and Football Mania.

Live Games

If you are looking for a true casino experience, EuroPlay Casino offers a full live dealer section powered by the latest webcam technology. Here you can play roulette, blackjack, casino hold 'em, or baccarat against any of the casino's dedicated dealers 24/7. Interactive features and a wide range of bet sizes ensure that the experience is as accommodating as possible.


We are pleased with the support staff at EuroPlay Casino. If you have an account, you can access the live chat feature from within the casino lobby. You can also give them a call using their UK freephone, North American toll-free number, or Lithuanian international number. Lastly, EuroPlay Casino can be reached through a number of email addresses, one for each type of inquiry.

Security and Fairness

The EuroPlay Casino network is secured with all the necessary technology. Most importantly, any sensitive data you send them is kept encrypted with SSL. This ensures that your data cannot be accessed at any time without proper authorization. Additional security gateways are used for credit card processing.

Playtech software is one of the oldest and most trusted casino platforms around. Years of independent audits have shown that it offers a genuinely fair game. Unfortunately, EuroPlay Casino does not feature any information about independent audits on its website. While we can vouch for the fairness of the software, it would be nice if EuroPlay would make the audit information public for their players.

  • Full selection of Playtech games
  • Live and virtual games available
  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or email
  • Secured with SSL
  • Third-party audit information not available on website

Euro Play Casino Reviews (18)

User domo81 time 16.02.2015 00:59

Games does not work because of "technical problems".
"Internal problem - server is not responding.
Please contact Customer Service for immediate assistance. "
"The progressive jackpots are temporarily not available. You can continue playing normally."

User ahanasyryoye time 03.12.2014 01:01

Europlay Casino - thieves and liars
Do not be fooled by their lucrative bonuses.
This casino is rogues, deceivers and liars.
You win with them, forget the profits to Euro Play casino will never pay.
Stop these thieves forever and keep away from the casino operations !!!!!!!!!!!!

User catapultaudio time 28.09.2014 00:49

Europlay used to offer some of the most generous no deposit bonuses around, and although there were some stories of people having unacceptable delays, people did seem to be getting paid eventually. Somewhere along the line I guess the casino was being clobbered by advantage players, because they decided to modify their bonus terms such that slots now count at only 20percent for wagering requirements!
This gives those previously generous no deposit bonuses an effective WR of 495x - as if 99x wasn't bad enough without the ridiculous slots at 20 percent adjustment! If your willing to battle through a wagering requirement like that chasing a cashout, then I guess you have a whole lot of time - and patience! - you can expect to be hounded to deposit by their support staff every time you log into the casino though, which is particularly frustrating as their English does not seem great, and they often struggle to understand what I have said to them in addition to responding very slowly - I suspect they must be trying to chat with every user logged into the casino simultaneously.
Whilst it is not a problem for me personally, I know many players will be unhappy about the fact this casino only seems to offer a download client to access the casino - the games cannot be played via browser or using a mobile device, which is really unusual in the modern climate. Many players do not like having to install this software on their computer now, particularly as it is essentially unnecessary - I like to use the installable version of casinos I play at a lot, but if I had to install every single one my computer would quickly become unmanageably clogged and full!
I will admit that I have never cashed out at Europlay - back when I did try playing there, I did not manage a profit from my initial no deposit bonus and whilst I did manage a balance after playing a "welcome back" bonus they sent me via email, I was unwilling to make the £50 deposit they requested in order to cashout winnings of just £150 from a casino I was unsure if I could trust.
Oh, one more thing... this is another Playtech who states they will only pay out wins, including progressive jackpots, at a rate of £10,000 per month. This is just not acceptable when Playtech pay the casino the entire jackpot in full immediately after the win - the casino gets to sit on the money, accumulating interest for YEARS, even though it does not belong to them, and should they go bust during that time you can kiss your money goodbye... and I have to question if they may "go bust" just to get their hands on a jackpot win of a few million pounds anyway!
Stay away.

User blondie time 31.08.2014 00:43

This will be my review for the Euro Play casino. The original reason why I decided to try it was because it's based on Playtech software and because they were offering 70€ no deposit bonus, so I thought-why not. But the beginning of my experience there was pretty frustrating. I visited their page and since they have only download version, I downloaded the casino app. After that I filled the registration form and everything was fine, until I tried to login into my account. A window came up, saying that my account has been locked for security reasons and that I need to contact support for details. I did that, and they told me that I need to send them an email and that after 24 hours my account would be reactivated. What an upsetting start. I sent the email and got an answer from them an hour later, saying that they have activated my account and already has transferred the AskGambler ND bonus to my account. Unfortunately they didn't give me a reason for the lock.
I have to start with saying that I had a long conversation with their live support and they are very nice and helpful, and even knowing that jackpots wouldn't qualify for wagering (but the live chat said, that if I would win jackpot, I could cashout the jackpot win), I couldn't help myself and played my favorite Marvel slot- Iron Man 2 for some time. I placed 1€ bets and I had a blast time there, because after few free game wins (each time 10 games) I managed to get my balance up to 250€. This was the first time that Iron man gave me such amazing winnings. However, after that I went to slots and started with the Hot Gems. I placed 5€ bets, which I know is a too high bet for slot like this, and almost all of the spins were empty, so I went to La Chatte Rouge, which is a slot I've never played before. It is a 25 payline slot so I placed 2.50€ bets.The first spin gave me 9€ win. I continued to play it and got some good winnings often like 10€ or 12€, and once managed to get the 3 rabbit symbols, which is a magician bonus. It gave me 35€ win.However, the winnings were quite rare and after a while my balance dropped to 140€.
I also played Gladiator, Bonus Bears and a few others, but to cut short- I slowly lost all my balance. I wasn't upset because I think it’s quite hard to wager this bonus. Why?- Because slots qualify for the wagering the most (and table games are not allowed to play), however, they qualify only 20% of the wagering, so when I contacted the live support and asked, how I am doing with the wagering, I was given an answer that I must wager €6,826.10 and with the luck I had with slots- I wouldn't manage to do that.
Overall, I liked this casino, the appearance it has, and I think I might deposit there and play Iron Man 2 with only my real money, since it was so lucky for me at Euro Play. I give them 7/10 for live support and 8/10 for the games but for the terms for bonuses 6/10.

User LilianInThaHouse time 29.08.2014 01:09

Euro Play is another one of the many casinos where I have never made a deposit and played only for free money.
At first view they are very generous when it comes to these bonuses. But on the other hand the bonus terms are really terrible. Each one of these bonuses has a max cashout limit of 100 euros. The wagering requirements are at least 99x bonus. When I joined this casino they were offering an 20 euros no deposit bonus. The wagering requirements for this bonus were an incredible 495 x bonus. Not only that but the games that counted towards the wager were only slot games and Sic BO. that wasn't enough this bonus wasn’t cashable. I don't remember seeing anything like this in any other casino. In Euro Play they really did everything they can to bring the chances to earn anything from these bonuses to a minimum.
They offer a no deposit bonus like this one on AG every month. To get it you have to contact their live chat support and provide them with the bonus code. To make contact with their live chat operators you really need to have a lot of patience. Because that can take longer than half an hour. I have to admit that their operators are very kind once you get them online. I took a no deposit bonus here every month. But the last time I tried to claim a bonus like this their live chat operator told me that I have reached the limit with these bonuses and I had to make a deposit. To be honest I don't intend to do that because I don't really trust this casino.
I think that my playing in this casino will end with this limit. My next step will be to uninstall this software from my PC. This is a casino that I can't recommend.

User yapro time 31.05.2014 01:04

Europlay casino it is playtech brand, from which i get tons of spam even being not registered. They keep me send emails with 400% bonus, and one day after i get big withdrawal from netent casino i decide to try this casino and see what happens, 400% bonus also good thing to get, and i was happy to try it. I of course does not trust this casino but with such great deposit bonus i decide that this be not so bad idea, and even if something get bad,i did not lost too much.
Of course i decide deposit not big amount, something like 40$ will be nice, and i get 200$ to play with. At playtech casino 200$ balance it is a high one, and with i can bet with a range 1-2$ and have a lot of playtime. I started from gladiator game with 1.5$ bets, but soon go down to 150$ and decide better left this game, because if it is cold, it can just eat all my money and say goodbye, and this is of course not the thing which i wait. After this all i decide to try marvel jackpot games, including incridible hulk and fantastic four, my two favorite marvel games, but there i am also did not find any luck for myself, and decide to try archer, which also was gold. I left only with 50$, and with such low balance i usually trying to save myself in games like thai paradise or captain treasure pro, but this time it is does not work and i lost my deposit. Probably this is good and i will not get cheated after this.
Based on number of players complaints here better stay aways from this casino and play at other playtech casinos which is safe and reputable. 4 stars for euro play casino.

User Zeljko777 time 11.05.2014 01:02

Euro Play Casino got me by the fact that it had Playtech as a representative. I did some research on this specific casino, and I have to say things didn't look good for Euro Play.
Since the software quality is above average I had to give it a go. I had a bit of a grudge on the policies regarding withdrawing with the initial bonus, as you could withdraw a decreased amount related to your original won amount.
I was playing with a free deposit, so I didn't mind much. Keeping the criticism in mind though, when talking about depositing/withdrawing money, the service has to be above exceptional to make a decent fan base.
The registration process wasn't hard, but I do however mark the site a grade lower for not supporting instant play. Yes, not all people like browser play with adds, but then again, some people don't like downloading software that has certain
trust issues rising above and out.
I have to say, I won't be returning to Euro Play Casino, because to the best of my knowledge, a lot of people had trouble withdrawing funds from their site, even deposits as low as 150 euros. I had an opportunity to see for myself that the Live Chat was as bad as their bonus policies and their website .
Extremely slow and painful, not worth it if you take into consideration that you are paying THEM for their services, to end up not getting paid in the end is just absurd.
I wouldn't even think about coming back and playing on Euro Play, and I'm just dissapointed that there are such money sink holes open to a large community.
If I had to rate this site from 1/10, bearing in mind IT HAD ABSOLUTELY NO BRIGHT SIDES apart from the 20$ no deposit bonus, I'd rate this site 1/10. It's bad, it's slow and it is NOT WORTH your time!

User Awena time 26.03.2014 00:41

Euro Play casino is one of the newer Playtech casinos. They have been on line for a one year or so but they have so many complaints here at AskGamblers. As I love playtech gaming platform I signed up with them to take a 20 euros no deposit bonus.Wagering requirements were 99x bonus.
I started with some big wins, first at Fantastic Four slot and then playing the Azteca slot and my balance was around 100 euros. After Iwandered around the casino a bit playing Glatiator slot, Pink Panther, Wild Spirit and finally x-Men,very fun slot. I stayed there for a long time increasing my balance on 400 euros but wagering requirements were really high and I didn’t make it to meet all the requirements.
Next day I decided to make a deposit at this casino and what I really don’t like to see is information like: ‘Euro Play Casino is suffering from this disease’. For example, at their page there are many methods how to deposit including Skrill but after you install their software and click on ‘deposit methods’, you will notice that there isn’t a possibility to make a deposit via Skrill. I wrote to their ‘ live chat ‘ and I can confirm that they have a very poor service. 3 – 4 hrs after their ‘ live chat ‘ was available I asked them how can I make a deposit via Skrill and their ‘ live chat ‘ person said that unfortunately it is not possible to make a deposit via Skrill and quit our conversation.
After this I quit my decision to make a deposit at this casino.
Overall: A really great software, extra bonus offer but very poor live chat support. For Euro Play I give 6 out of 10. Have a nice day !

User Afi4wins time 24.12.2013 00:47

I must admit that Euro Play Casino started off on a bad note. I have read complaints from many players at various forums, generally complaining about delayed and non-payments of winnings and also of non-supportive casino Support. Due to all these complaints, Euro Play Casino was blacklisted at almost every casino forum there is.
Being an diehard fan of Playtech casinos, I simply couldn't resist Euro Play's very tempting offer of a no-deposit bonus for new players, plus its 400% deposit bonus AND a $50 cashback offer should a player's balance goes to zero. I just had to take up this offer. Besides, it would also afford me the actual opportunity to try out Euro Play Casino and see for myself just how true or false all the players' complaints that I have read about. So, I opened a new real money account, got the no-deposit bonus without any hassle and got off playing my usual favorite games. The gameplay was not bad at all, closely similar to what I am used to when playing at my regular casinos. After a few misses and hits, the no-deposit bonus became a nothingness. I must try it with real money...and see how things would go. So I deposited $25, the minimum amount required, got my 400% bonus and off I went again. Same results, needless to say, hehehe. I then requested that $50 cashback from live chat, got it without any problem, and that too came to nothingness in the end. Sigh! But after several hours of playing at Euro Play Casino, I did not have anything bad to complain about...but with a willingness to come back and play again. After several attempts with delicious 400% - 450% bonuses offered to me over the following days, I finally made my first clean win of $280. payment did not come after 7 days of waiting. I contacted live chat, he referred the matter to the finance team, and informed me that it was still under processing. 15 days later, I was informed of the same thing. Now this was really getting out of hand, so I wrote an email to the casino's manager for attention. No reply! Wrote in to the casino's reply too. WTF!!! I finally got a firsthand experience on the many complaints on the casino!
I got in touch with live chat again, just after 1 month had passed, and the same guy (chat host) responded. No names need be mentioned here. He informed me that approval was given for only $100, not for the claimed $280. He said I played with the cashback bonus and got that win, so I was only entitled to withdraw $100 max. I knew damn well that I played using my deposit+bonus, made the wagering requirements and withdrew only the winnings...but already red-faced with anger and disappointment, I agreed to it and quickly withdrew $100. That payment came in 7 days later. I also wrote a nasty email to the casino's manager, complaining of being cheated out of $180 through deceit, mentioned the live host's name, sent in a screenshot of my transactions prior to making that withdrawal claim, indicating and proving beyond doubt that I was cheated and short-changed!!! Any response from the manager? NONE...ZILCH. From thereon, I stopped playing at Euro Play Casino.
Several months later, I kept getting this email from...yes, you've guessed it...Euro Play Casino...inviting me to play there, offering me sumptuous 480% bonuses + $55 cashbacks! Geeees! Thick-faced people, I was saying to myself, hehehe. I ignored all those offers, until one night, I received a phone call from one of their hosts, inviting me to play at Euro Play...and promising me that such bad thing would never happen again to me! When I enquired, he said the guy who cheated me was no longer with Euro Play Casino. Good riddance, I said to myself.
So what happened next??? Weeeell...I took up their offer and started playing back at Euro Play Casino!!! So far until today, I have not had anything new to complain about the casino...and those 400% bonuses and cashbacks are just simply IRRESISTABLE!!! Hahahaha. Here's hoping that Euro Play Casino has indeed turned a new leaf and is on its way up the ladder of success!

User aemakgol time 30.09.2013 00:32

Actually, when i joined euro play casino i did not know about AskGamblers, and do not see that this casino have so much complaints. But i know that i should not play and trust this casino due to their stupid rule on first two deposit bonuses, in which stated that you can withdraw only x10 maximum of your deposit. Come on, what this is #%!*? Are you crazy? This is the stupidest bonus and terms i ever see, there are a lot of playtech casino, and of course nobody will want to play with such rules. Looks like they threat, us, gamblers, like an idiots. Really, i am think this is the worst playtech casino i ever see, especially after reading some complaints here.
But they give me 20$ no deposit bonus, with 100$ max cashout, so i think to my self why not, i can try it for free, if i win i will wait few weeks for cashout, this is ok because i did not made deposit, and this is just free money. With 20$ that i get (it was easy and without any problems) i open captain treasure pro and start playing at 0.20$ bets, and this is good run because after a couple of features i had 50$ on my balance. After it i open gladiator game and start playing at 0.50 bets, and i even managed to achieve 3 stage on freespins, and my special scatter was A, but the payout from freespins at 0.50$ bet was about 8$ and this is really suck, expecially that i made 3 stage. Anyway after it i lost my no deposit bonus, and i was not sad. This is really funny, how casino can made such terms, i do not know who playing in this casino.
That's all, thank you for reading my review about euro play casino, now I will give them some marks:
Support: not test
Bonuses: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF x 10 max. cashout, what a joke
Withdrawals: not test
Games selection: B

User canberk7474 time 27.07.2013 00:05

WITHDRAWAL PROBLEMM EUROPLAYmin.10 day 16 tage schonn mir nocht nicht 250€ bezahlen... alles stefann und tomas lügen immer .... sag das leute immer morgen morgen aber immer krigen sie nicht nur stress casino europlaycasino.combitte alle finger weg diesen casino und tausend mal ausweiss kopie und unterlagen will. jeder auszahlung nur problemm.. wenn krigen sie ich denken sehr glücklich keinen vetraunliche casino.... mein name ist kubilay canberkbenutzername in europlaycasino:H1R80787922VORSICHT:Betrüger Casino europlaycasino.comdiesen casino eine casinos Beschwerde und Reklamation europlaycasino.comPLEITE DIESER CASINO europlaycasino.comDieses Casino will nicht meine Geld 250 überweisen! Sie reden davon, dass das casino pleite ist und kein geld mehr zum Auszahlen hat.Alle Spieler sollten hier nicht spielen, die verarschen nur einen und geben das Geld nicht. Ich werde das an alle Leute in Facebook, Twitter schicken und in allen Casinoforum melden. In English und Deutsch.Der Geschäftsführer Stefan hat dasbestätigt , dass es kein Geld mehr für Auszahlung im Casino gibt und ich habe auch ein Foto davon! Complaint and complaint europlaycasino.comBROKE THIS CASINO europlaycasino.comThis casino does not want to transfer my money 250! You mention that the casino is broke and has no money for paying.All players should not play the piss only one and not give the money here. I will send to all the people on Facebook, Twitter and report on all casino forum. In English and German.The Managing Director Stefan has confirmed that there is no more money for payment at the casino and I have a photo of it!

User Sup3rma17 time 15.06.2013 00:37

My moods transformed from being content to a point of lasting disappointment when I downloaded Europlay, registered an account with them and played for the no deposit bonus of $20 thanks to my number one forum, AskGamblers. It is a requirement to download the casino just to play on it and without the flash version of Europlay I couldn't get quick access into the casino if I had little time to spare.
I was happy to see a casino would offer anyone new a free chip just to register and try it on their casino. As I tried to chip down the wagering piece by piece it became very difficult knowing I had two reasons why I had to bet nearly small amount of bets. For one reason betting small may help in having my bonus last for a long duration towards the Playtech slots held here on Europlay while trying to keep up with the requirements in a very mini way and two it is much safer to deliver small bets as antipathetic towards larger more understandable bets. I don't really see a reason as to why Europlay would give a bonus like this with an impossible wager setting of 99 times just to cashout?
I used the $20 bonus on Pharaoh's secrets. I gave this slot the minimum bets for $0.20 a spin and activated the Xtra win feature for an additional $0.10 more. But that's not all I did....I also increased my $0.30 bet to $0.60 for the first $10 of my bonus. The Xtra Win when activated just turns a regular wild into an expanding wild so this came least for a short while. Throughout the first half of my bonus my spins became featureless, to not hit any free spins and when my balance plummeted to $9.30 I had to cut my bets in half for $0.30. It still never gave me the free spins. I have seen about 3 spins for two scattered pyramids and came nothing for the last pyramid. The experience on this slot was trying to take down a building with only a normal hammer. I would need something better like explosives or a wrecking ball to work with.
They were serious in not letting players run away with cash and I could have far better meeting capabilities on other Playtech casinos with much ease than Europlay! Europlay, the casino that creates hard times for players new and old. A 3 out of 10 for it's casino, slot winnings and it's absurd bonus structure!

User cocopop3011 time 27.04.2013 00:08

I came across Euro Play casino just before Christmas if I remember rightly, and at the time I was bonus hunting for a Playtech casino where I hadn't already claimed their no claims bonus, so when this came along I was more than happy to play here lol. At the time they were offering all new players who registered £20 free to try out their games. I was really disappointed when I learnt that they didn't have a flash casino to play in, if you want to play here you do have to download their software. Unusual, not for a Playtech casino to have a flash, but nevertheless I downloaded the software and registered. I put in the code that was needed during registration and upon registration the free £20 was credited to my account. I was expecting there to be a high wagering that came with it, because there normally is with Playtech free bonus money offers, as true as it was it came with a 99x play through lol. As if that wasn't enough play through, almost £2000, I then learnt that their slots, which is what I was planning on playing on only counted 20% towards the wagering!! I didn't work out what the exact play through would be but it's got to be over £100,000!!!! Impossible lol. I have never heard of such a stupid bonus and stupid conditions. I mean 20% that's ridiculous. I thought maybe this casino focused most of their gambling on another part of the casino like Roulette or Poker or something which would count 100% but no they don't, all of their games only count 20% towards the wagering and some of them counting 0%!!! I can't see how Europlay are still in business to be honest. I mean who is really depositing here and accepting bonuses from them with this stupid wagering requirement. It would be ok if you didn't accept any bonuses but to me it's just like throwing your money away. The chances of making a withdrawal are very slim.It's a shame really because their slots really played well. I got my balance way over £200 at one point, I was betting big though, you have to if you stand any chance of meeting the play through. I would have definitely have deposited here had the slots counted 100% but there was no chance in hell that I was going to put my money here. You have probably guessed already...I didn't meet the wagering. I have no idea what the amount was I played through but I know it was no where near what was required, not even half or quarter of a way there. You may as well take advantage of their free bonus money offer but I wouldn't bother depositing here...unless you are very very brave!!

User Mahamedau time 31.03.2013 00:41

Euro play casino is come to my attention because it giving nice welcome bonus - 250% for first deposit, and of course i decide to try this casino with such nice offer. I start with 50$ deposit, and play with 175$ on my pockets. I start with penguin vacation slot, i like it because it have opportunity to give you freespins with x 15 multiplayer, and also stacked wilds in this slot made it a dream. I start playing quite slow, because my bet was only 1$, but i do not want to risk. So, i lost 50$ without getting feature, and decide to change slot to something another, i choose captain treasure pro slot, it have a similar feature as my lovely book of ra, so i like this slot, only different here is that it has 20 pay lines if i remember correctly. I play it with 1.5 bet, and finally get 3 wilds that also mean feature, my special symbol was a ship, ship is high paying symbol, and if you get 4 or 5 of them, your win will be very nice.
But i do not get very lucky, and only one time see 3 ships. After it with 120$ on my balance i go to cherry love, but there again no luck after feature i have only 100$. So i decided may be king kong will save my day, but that not happened, and i left only 30$ which i lost very fast in archer, playing 1$ bets.
I really do not know what is wrong, me or playtech, but i cashout from playtech casinos very rare, much more often from netent and microgaming, and god damn rare from this playtech. Probably i should try some another slots, or something else, but something should be changed, i am sure.
So, my marks for euro play casino:
Software: 8.5/10
Support: do not test
Bonuses: 8/10
Cashouts: do not test
Total: 7/10 just another average playtech casino, nothing unique.

User Icymod time 22.02.2013 00:38

During this month I came across a new casino. I did not know if it were true so I dug deeper into the matter to find out if it is really a new casino. When I opened my inbox and found they were offering a $20 no deposit bonus I figured to try it out but before I did I went on google to find out if I can get information on Europlay as well as receive a slightly higher bonus. Since Europlay is a new Playtech casino I did not get much about them or get information from other affiliate sources regarding Europlay being "reputable" or "rogued". As I kept searching I did managed to find something better than $20, it was $30. As the wagering requirements did not change I decided to try out Europlay using a $30 bonus code provided by a very well known member :) . Rather than proceed with $20 at 99x wagering I proceeded with $30 at 99x wagering. At that time I was only expecting a "test drive" and not score a "touchdown" because the wagering requirements Europlay offers on no deposits were too high! They even apply the 99x wagering requirement on bonuses that are $5. It was too much and too crazy to meet up with their gigantic requirements. While I stood at my computer screen, I calculated the amount needed to destroy the wagering it is $30 x 99x = $2970!! That's outrageous!! I would have a better chance if the wagering requirements were 30x for a deposit of $100 = $3000. It may be higher but i will tell you why it is better than the requirements Europlay has laid out. On Europlay every game they have such as Slots including progressives, Arcade, All Scratch card Games, Fixed Odds Games, Sic Bo, Keno and Craps all contribute to only 20% of your bets!! Slots should at least be 100% of bets wagered. That is one of the reasons why I am outraged. As I said before when $100 on 30x is better ($3000), it is because most casinos would give you 100% contribution to all slots play and they would even let you play on Table/Card games to help you boost your balance and help achieve the playthrough. Europlay gives 0% on any playthrough on Table and card games! I am not sure if they are excluded or they just don't give any contribution. All I know is I would most likely recommend another casino as the wagering is way too much to meet. It's like say "Which is better to roll on the floor? A Banana or an apple?"I would give this casino a 4 out of 10 simply because the terms & conditions as well as the wagering is far beyond meeting.

User sencize time 31.01.2013 01:19

Euro Play is a relatively new casino in online gambling industry.I think that they are started their business well because they offer no deposit bonus to all costumers so people can test their casino without making investment of their own money.I found out about this casino like most of others i played in trough ask gamblers site and signed up to try out their bonus offer.Euro Play is palytech powered casino so my choice off games were marvel slots.I immediately got twenty euro no deposit bonus money in my account which should be wagered 99 times.I tried to get some more information about my bonus and the chat operator told me I am allowed to play all slot games with my bonus money and that maximum amount to withdraw from this bonus is hundred euros.I started with fantastic four.Won some loose some and like that for an hour.I managed to leave fantastic four slot with ten euro more than i brought and wanted to try other Marvel games as well.Next i slot was incredible hulk.I had no luck on hulk and lost on it what i earned on fantastic four,Next game i played at Euro play was Mr.cashback and things went well for me on this slot.With somefree spins i made it to a hundred euros but i was still long way from fulfilling my wagering requirements.I change some other slots but i was not so lucky like on mr.cashback and i eventually drooped to zero balance.Most of my bonus money i lost on Sparta slot so i suggest you try to avoid it.I must mention i had some issues downloading slot games and it was not because of my internet.Casino servers were very slow and the guy on live chat also confirmed it.Other than that i had fun time at Euro Play casino and i can suggest it as a fine playtech casino.My grade for Euro Play casino is 7/10

User dutch1000 time 30.01.2013 00:09

I decided to play Euro Play casino and deposited 30 pounds getting a 75 pound bonus, I turned this into a total of 475 pounds after I had met their wagering requirements. I then made a withdrawal request for this amount and here came the problems, NO Live support a lot of the time, NON existent email support, I have emailed their Support, accounting and Manager email address and not once received an email from in response to my issues. The only time they email me was when I made a deposit, 1 automated response from accounting and once after I had complained to their live support. Eventually told I could only withdraw 10x deposit amount so 300 pounds, I have had to pester live support to reverse my withdrawal so I can make a new one. In short I am know waiting form new request to be processed. other comments on this forum about this casino the 10x withdrawal requirements are nonsense, I would say the customer service is poor but that would imply that they offer a customer service. I have also been told that they have technical issues, in short this casinos behavior is a disgrace and in my opinion there license should be removed. DO NOT play at this casino, there are many more out there which are decent, EURO PLAY CASINO IS NOT.
I have made a complaint, about EURO PLAY CASINO,on this website but do not expect anything to come from it.
In the interest of fairness the actual playing side of the casino is very good , slots are very good and a wide range of games. Never managed to get on Live Casino Blackjack or Texas Holdem as tables always full.
If you don't mind playing games with zero percent of ever getting your money back then play this casino, or if you fancy withdrawing money occasionally then play one of the dozens of casinos who are honest and decent!!!!

User Toiletseat time 28.01.2013 01:00

In my reviews I always try to be respectful, and I truly hope this will be the case in this casino review also, although it is not that easy. Attracted by EuroPlays no deposit offer I signed up using the link in AskGamblers. The link brought me to Europlays so called homepage, which seemed to be under some kind of construction. Not a regular kind of homepage anyway. I downloaded the software, registered and tried to play live roulette. Normally when you play for the first time the game has to be downloaded. Well, the download jammed. I tried to close and restart the Europlay game client. Restart didn't work, since the game was apparently already running. I managed to kill the process and gave it another try. 4 times in a row I could not get live roulette running.
Well, finally it worked, and I played roulette. Minimum bets were set at 1 euro. Since the free money given was the amount of 20 euro, I played 'safe'and managed to increase the saldo above 100 euro. I took a look at the wagering requirements. As so often, roulette (and some other games) do not count to met the requirements. Then my eye felt on a really incredible withdrawal regulation. The maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn after a regular deposit is 10 times the initial deposit!!
Players beware: if you for example deposit 100 euro, you can cash out 1000 euro max. I don't see the point of this absurd regulation. Playing (progressive) jackpots at this casino would be a waste of time. If you hit the jackpot, you won't get paid , unless of course your initial deposit was 100.000 euros.!!
This 'out of this world ' withdrawal policy ruined all my good will for this casino. There are so many other much better casinos to find. I threw the remaining balance away, just to stretch out my frustration.
EuroPlay have to clean up their act with such player unfriendly regulations. Untill they do, this casino is a big NO. I give it a overall rating of 1 (out of 10).