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Kajot Casino is an online casino owned and operated by Kajot Casino Limited, established in 2012. Utilizing its own software, designed and developed by Xatronic AG of Austria, Kajot Casino offers its customers a fairly good range of 3, 4 and 5 reels slot games. The casino is licenced and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Restricted Countries

United States of America is the only restricted country mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions, but players from other countries should check out the applicable Laws in the Jurisdiction of their country of Residence for legality of gambling activities. Alternatively, players can write in to suppor­[email protected]/* */­ajo­t-c­asi­ for confirmation of registration eligibility. 


Kajot Casino offers a variety of slot games are of the 3-reels, 4-reels and 5-reels kind, very suitable for traditional and classical slot lovers.Among the most popular are titles such as Ring of Fire XL slot, Lucky Pearl slot, Submarine slot, and Nitro 81 slot amongst others.

Unfortunately, table games are limeted to a single Blackjack variant at the moment of writing.

Mobile Gaming

The mobile version of the software is available to Android and iOS users. Players can enjoy a fair selection of games on the go.


Customer Support Team is available 24/7, 365, and can be contacted through their live chat feature. Other options include contacting the casino via phone or e-mail.

Security and Fairness

Kajot Casino uses the latest industry standard 128-bit, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to collect and store customer data, including all financial transactions, on secured servers protected from unauthorized access by a firewall.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta controls and regulates the software to ensure that players are provided with fairness in the games at all times. With its very strict gambling legislation, players can have total confidence with the software and the casino. Additionally, the RNGs have been tried, tested and certified by GLI, both for hardware and software, for more ‘ra­ndo­mne­ss’ in all results, assuring even greater fairness in all the games at the casino.

  • Instant play Casino
  • 24/7 support via live chat, e-mail, phone
  • SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by GLI
  • 24-72 hours pending period for withdrawals
  • Limited selection of table games

Kajot Casino Reviews (10)

User aivas2003 time 25.11.2016 00:49

I have registered at kajot casino a week ago. The running offer was 5 euro free with max cash out 50 (not bad at all). I have cleared the w.r and send the casino the documents for the verification process. My id written in latin characters, phonebill, neteller screenshot. The documents didnt get an approve. The proof of address couldnt be accepted with the phonebill I sent and the id (and thats hilarious) needed to be translated although it was in latin-english characters.
Also,the casino asked me for a copy of a passport and a bank statement in order verify my address. To summerize:
1. The casino could verify my adress with my phonebill or with my neteller screenshot but it didnt.
2. The casino could verify my i.d. cause it is written in Greek-Latin characters but it didnt
3. The casino asked me for every available document on earth in order to cancel my enormous 50 euro withdrawal.
I think and feel that the whole treatment and behavior of kajot casino is very cheap. It is one of the casinos that stuck on every detail and every small paragraph of the T&C in order to cancel a withdraw. And really, if the ask for so many documents when you try to withdraw 50 euro, what would they do when you try to withdraw a bigger amount?

User Afi4wins time 28.10.2016 01:10

Latest Update on Kajot Casino:
After that first dismal experience at Kajot Casino last week, I decided to recheck my laptop, to ensure that the settings and the programs were all up to date. As I have expected, my programs were all fine, with all the latest versions installed. However, when I checked on the laptop's drivers, several were found to be outdated and needed updating. This I found rather strange, because I had already updated all of my drivers some months back, but I did have some technical glitches with my laptop a few times before this, so I guess it was these glitches that had damaged those drivers. Without hesitation, I then updated all the outdated drivers, rebooted as required, and tried logging in into Kajot Casino once again.
Well, well, well, what do you know? Things went smoothly this time around. That terminal selection came up on screen, I then picked a terminal to play a game on, the game loading progress screen came up, but it didn't hang like before! It finished its loading progress and I could then play the games without any problems at all. So, all my previous statements about Chrome and Firefox hanging at this game loading point were indeed erroneous and not true at all. My bad - I thought there was something wrong with the casino's settings, when in truth, it was my own laptop settings that were out! Hehehe.
Next, I checked to see if depositing money using Neteller would face any problems. Nope, not a single problem at all, not like the first time I tried. My deposit went through smoothly, the credit was correctly shown in my balance, but I did not get the welcome 100% deposit bonus, nor the 35 free spins, because I had deposited only 10EUR, just short of the required 15EUR welcome package deposit requirement, which I didn't know of. Oh what the heck! I then decided to leave it at that, rather than make another deposit to try and get that bonus and free spins offer.
I played on 2 games, Aztecs Empire and City Of Gold, and both games played smoothly, without any intermittent disruptions like what I had faced earlier on. Again, I must admit, those earlier statements of mine were indeed erroneous. I did not get cut-off or get any disruptions whilst playing the 2 games this time around, and I really enjoyed it for a nice change. In fact, the 2 games performed quite well too, hehehe.
Well, I was wrong about Kajot Casino on a few aspects, and I now know that Kajot Casino can do well as any other casino could too, but it does need lots more games to be added into its current very limited list of games. Yeah, that would take some time to accomplish, but I do believe it will be done, right Kajot?

User Afi4wins time 21.10.2016 00:25

I first came to know of Kajot Casino about 2 or 3 years ago, when it was still very new in the market. I also knew that they were using their very own gaming platform, something totally unfamiliar with me, with games that I've never played before either. So I've never been interested in Kajot Casino ever since, until yesterday that is. I don't know what made me decide to sign up at the casino, which was kinda strange, because I have always avoided it so far. That 5EUR no-deposit bonus wasn't big enough to attract me, but what the heck, the fact remains, I signed up at Kajot Casino nonetheless! Hahaha.
Perhaps it was meant to be, for me to sign up, be faced with several 'dislikes' that prevented me from enjoying a nice smooth gaming experience at the casino. Every step of the way, I faced one kind of problem, one way or another. It was really strange, but I'm here not to complain, but to give and offer my constructive opinions, in the hope that Kajot Casino would take heed and try to improve things, in whatever way possible.
Firstly, I had problems trying to validate and verify my phone number. I had keyed in my country, I had keyed in my number, I then clicked the 'submit' button, but nothing happened! I waited and waited for the sms to come in on my phone, but it never came. Twice I tried, with same results. After getting in touch with the casino's support team via email, I was then requested to get assistance directly from their Live Chat host, who could resolve this problem, I was informed. True enough, I tried to get that sms again, it still didn't come in, then the host gave me a sms code to use, and that got my phone number verified at last. Phew! Why that phone number verification sms never came through, I will never know!
I got into more problems trying to play a game with that 5EUR no-deposit chip. I tried loading up different games, 3-reels and also 5-reels games, but nothing worked. A screen would come up, with a bunch of play terminals to choose from, but no matter which terminal I chose, all of them would hang at about one-third of the loading up progress. Then an 'initialization failed' error message would pop up, each and every time I tried. This really got me fuming, but I kept my cool as best as I could. Not even the Live Chat host could resolve this hitch for me. But I wasn't about to give up as yet. I cleared all my laptop's caches, temp files and cookies too, tried again, but without any success. Then I tried changing my browser, from Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. Still the same. I then tried using the hardly-used Internet Explorer, and what do you know, the damn thing worked! The game loaded up slowly, bit by bit, but I was happy enough to see it progressing. When the game finally came on, I played it, but got cut off intermittently, every few minutes, and I don't really know why, because my ISP was running okay the whole day. That irritated me further! I finally lost all the 5EUR, not surprisingly of course, but decided not to make any deposit to claim the 100% welcome bonus. Not until all those nagging glitches have been resolved or removed. I'm not about to face any more such problems for the day. I might just blow my top, which I don't ever want to do!
Personally, I think the problems may lie within that terminal selection stage. Why Kajot Casino is still using this very old method of loading up a game, I cannot imagine. Why can't a game be directly loaded up, as in almost every other online casino nowadays? Some years back, yes, certain casinos were using this 'terminal selection' method, but all of them are no longer using it, except for Kajot Casino! Maybe I'm wrong with this, but it's only my own personal opinion. I think Kajot Casino should abandon this terminal selection method and use the direct loading method instead.

Could all of these problems be due specifically to my laptop in use? I really don't know but I really doubt it! I'm using Windows 10, all my programs have been updated to the very latest, including Adobe's Flash Player (I've got both 32bit and 64bit installed), so there isn't any reason why it should failed. Then how come it could worked when I used my old non-updated Internet Explorer? It seems to me like Kajot Casino needs to upgrade their programs instead, but I'm only guessing of course.
I had wanted to make a deposit, to claim that welcome bonus, and get 30 free spins on top of that, but seeing how things were not working out well at all, I then decided to put off my deposit for another day, until Kajot Casino can be seen running smoothly again.

User blondie time 31.12.2014 00:26

Recently I saw somewhere that Kajot casino give 5€ ND bonus to their new customers, with only 3x wagering. I checked on our forum that it has an average rank and the fact they have Xatronic software seemed very intriguing, since I don't have any previous experience with it.
I signed up and verified my email and mobile, then I got 5€ bonus added to my account immediately. I went to their game section and chose to play 5 reel slot called Lucky Pearl. I placed 0.10 cent bets per spin, mostly got empty spins, but then I got 3 pear; scatters, chose one of them and got 20 free spins. Within them I got another feature, that gave me 25 free spins, so overall I got 45 free spins but the winnings of them, although were multiplied 3x, was only 4.20€! So little.
I played it for some 10 more minutes, nothing happened, only 0.40€ if I was lucky, so when my balance went down to 4€, I switched the game to Halloween King. I placed only 0.10€ bets and even though I didn't get any free spins, I managed to meet the wagering and got my balance up to 24 €. Then I contacted the live chat to ask about the withdrawal and account verification. A very nice lady told me that I need to send ID copy, utility bill and then make a 10€ deposit.
I did all that the next day, well first I got a confirmation mail that my account has been verified and I can make a deposit, after I did that, my deposit was in my account within few minutes and I withdraw 34€ to my bank account.
Overall, at first I thought that the variety of games they have isn't big. That's true, however, the quality of them are great, the graphics are an eye candy. Chat was easy to reach, I'm very pleased with everything. My withdrawal took about a week, with all verification. I give them 7/10.

User szirtisas time 31.08.2014 01:04

Kajot ltd casino. A few weeks ago I found a free spin bonus and I wanted to try it. I never saw online casino like this, they design and games are individual. I wasn’t amazed from the slots but I had 25 free games so I started my bonus rounds.The video slot was the karaoke king.
Honestly this is one of the worst game what I have ever tried. It only pays when four symbol in row and not easy to understand the pay tables. When I completed the free games I had 2.20 euro on my balance but the good thing was it don’t have any requirements. So this two euro was completely wagering free. I left the karaoke king slot after I finished the free rounds and went to the Simply the best 27 three reel slot. I set the limit to 20 cent so I had eleven spin. This game was much better because it pays 27 line and it has a wild symbol, also has a bonus round, if you spin out 3 bonus symbol in the middle reels it gives 5 free spins. In every Kajot slot you can gamble your money with the red and black, on every slot if you win, the gamble feature popup and you can gamble your money or collect it. Sometimes that gamble feature was frustrating. I played with my 2 euro a few minutes but after a small win I lost my money.
I left the casino and didn’t logged in until they sent me another invitation to play with another 25 free rounds. That was another no deposit free spins what I can claim without restrictions. This time the free spins was on the Crazy fruits. After I played down my free games I had 10 cent so I played down on the same game and lost it. They seems fair and always send free spins so it wort a try.

User PaulKajotCasino time 26.08.2014 00:59

Hi all,
We at KAJOT Casino aim to please, however we cannot please everyone.Of course not everyone is going to like our website, but we try to provide a stable platform for gaming fun.And we are committed to improving our site with every release.
All the slots on KAJOT Casino can only be played for money on KAJOT Casino, so these are exclusive 3, 4 and 5 reel games.
What is more you can play up to 10 slots at a time. Just mix and match as you please and experience a gaming extravaganza.
As a registration bonus you can choose between 25 free spins, €5 regsitration (no deposit) bonus or a welcome bonus of 100% up to €300.
Of course if you are really interested, you can get all three.Want to know how?
If you are a new player you can test the game Joker27 and after winning a few times, you'll be asked if you want to take €5 with you to register......just click okay.Then after registering and entering the bonus code (which has been sent by text message to your mobile) you will get the €5 on your account.Drop the support a line at and ask if there are any freespins to be had.You'll get a link with which you will receive the freespins.And finally, if you deposit within 7 days of registering, you'll get 100% Welcome Bonus up to €300.
By the way, the freespins can be used on any game or number of games. They are not tied to any particular game, however we do like to suggest a game for you.Make sure that the newsletter box is ticked to receive freespin offers automatically.
If a player experiences problems on our website, we would of course like to hear it directly from them and most of the time contact with support pays. Literally, be it freespins, cash bonus or an unlockable bonus.
Black Jack is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled

User katemak time 26.08.2014 00:57

I came across this casino not so long ago,about 3 weeks or so.They were running some promotion for 25 free spins ,when you join theirs site.I searched here at Askgamlers site,to find something about them,but then they were not added to theirs site,honestly,they didnt have to bother for casino like this.
Ok ,my first impression of this casino,nooot good.I just dont like casinos of this type.How to explain ,theirs looks of the site is very cheap,well thats if you ask me,I have never played slot like this one.So here at Askgamblers site I read that they were some Xantronic slots,first time I am playing this games.When I saw they have Malta licence !!! Wow ,does that makes them stable ,secured casino?? I guess yes.
So yes I sign up ,that was really quick, activated my account an got message that I have 25 free spins.So I was searching for those free spins maybe 5 minutes,then they appear of the right corner of the casino.When I was trying to open the game ,the game either didnt want to load or was busy by other player.So when you are opening their game ,the first thing it will lead yo to some room and after that if the game its available or not busy by other user you will play.
Ohhh what to say I was not even interested in their games at the beginning ,so i finally open the game and played.Those 25 free spins gave me 2.60 euros and those 2.60 euros I spend in the same game .I just wonder,who likes games like this and will someone would deposit in this kind of casino?I surely wont deposit here ,not ever,at least if they do some improvements on the site ,add some more interesting games.So far I will rate them 2/10.

User Awena time 11.08.2014 00:04

Kajot Casino was my choice today to try some free spins from the AG offer. I had some difficulties with the referral link so I emailed customer service and as I understood I received even more, 7 free spins at The 25 tropical plus 25 free spins and five euros on my balance.
After winning 14 euros I picked the game Demon Master and got a small win .Then I switched to Lucky Dragon,5 reel,5 paylines slot. Actually I don't remember that I ever played longer with such a small balance and finally I picked Aztecs Empire slot which gave me the most excitement and wins. Pyramid which is the wild appeared maybe only a few times, and each time there was a scatter symbol, Aztec princess I would say with extremely green and beautiful eyes , but I didn't manage to trigger the free spins.And this may be the game I will play again,5 reels, 10 paylines and I think it may be a very promising game because even on min. bet almost all the time I was winning,small amounts,but still wins.
So I was finally done with a balance of 0.15. As I understood, if I refer another player I should receive free spins on a daily basis until 7 days. That’s how much I have to make a deposit, if not, free spins will not be available. I am not some fan of 3 reels and few paylines slots, to me they are kind of old fashion, and it was unusual to pay at a casino that doesn't offer video slots,progressive and poker as I am used to seeing. What is very interesting to mention is that there weren't any wagering requirements for this bonus and max,cashout was 1000 euros, respect for this even though I am not some expert, I must say, very generous of them. I wish I had more luck. Kajot casino is a new casino established in 2012 and available only in instant mode.They have very nice customer service, live chat isn't available as far as I saw, and if you see a bonus offer from this casino, I would recommend to claim it. It was my pleasure and I really hopped to win something bigger. Next time maybe.

User hajnrih time 07.08.2014 00:14

I just wasted half an hour of my life trying to play in this casino so I will waste 10 minutes more to write this review. I asked a friend about some no deposit bonus to play and he recommended Kajot Casino. He said they had a very nice promotion of 25 free spins on some slot called Tropical 7.
The name of the casino wasn't familiar to me but 25 free spins on any slot is a good deal. Anyway later I found out that he only saw this promotion and didn't actually play it. He send me the link and I checked the casino here at AG. Owner is Kajot Casino Limited and they only have this casino. I would be surprised if they have any more. They offer only instant play which I don’t like because I always have some problems. I went to their site and it’s not so bad, could use a few more animations. I made an account and had to wait for a confirmation mail in order to log in. Nothing unusual except for the fact that it took about 10 minutes to arrive.
Finally after I got it I logged in and found the promotion on my balance. I tried to play the game but it just didn't open. I switched browser and again it didn't open even on Mozilla. Why was I not surprised. Live chat isn't available so there was no point in writing an email. Finally after about 20 attempts I managed to open the game. Wow that must have been the simplest game I have ever seen. A 3 reel slot? Does any one actually play that. Never mind I got this far anyway so I went on with the free spins. I had an incredible win of can you imagine 1 whole euro. I didn't want to risk trying to open some other game for 20 times so I lost all of it on this one.
I just don’t know what to say about this casino. It seems like they went to work but didn't quite finish the project. The software … no words. Very disappointing.

User chris.kofler.10 time 15.07.2014 01:11

Wow! Here I found all the slots I used to play in my betting shop: Joker 27, Joker Strong, Ring of Fire and much more.

The colors of the portal are a bit flashy - but that's my personal opinion.