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Players Only Casino comes from the same providers that have created one of the leading Sportsbooks available online today. Players Only Casino isn't the only operation of Players Only either, since they have their own Sportsbook, Poker Room and Horse Betting. This casino does accept US players, and is one of the only Casinos Online that caters almost exclusively to Americans. Players Only Casino has received a great deal of publicity, from features in CNN, CBS, ESPN, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. The casino website has a vibrant website, with a little bit of eye candy to make it seem classy and straight out of Vegas at the same time; along with the attractive website design, the website is also cluttered with attractive girls.


Players Only Casino uses Real Time Gaming Software, which is available by download only. The graphics are crisp and smooth, and gameplay is fast with quick turnover from hand to hand.

Game Variety

At Players Only Casino there is a Sportsbook, Horse betting section, Poker and the Casino. At this casino, unlike other casinos, it's not all about Slots. They've got a wide variety of Card Games including Blackjack, 5 Diamond Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Pontoon, Super 21 and Baccarat. Then there's Caribbean Hold'em and Stud Poker, War, Pai Gow Poker, Let'Em Ride, Red Dog, Tri Card Poker and Vegas 3 Card Rummy. There are dozens of different Video Poker games with a variety of hand variations; like 1-hand, 3-hand, 10-handd, 52-hand and 100-hand variations. Their selection of Video Slots have exciting bonus games which are characteristic of the Real Time Gaming Software used. The maximum bets taken per hand at this casino are $200, so it's not necessary a casino for the highest rollers, but it is well-suited to casual players looking to enjoy their time at the casino.

Customer Support

Even the Support page at Players Only Casino is different and enticing; when you access the page a video graphic appears with a beautiful woman sitting behind the desk ready to help players solve their problems. Players Only Casino has phone support available, with toll-free numbers for players from a variety of locations, including North America and International, and there are additional contact numbers available for help with Poker. They have a self-help page for people who are feeling industrious to search for themselves, which is a comprehensive FAQ page, with many common questions the casino receives, accompanied by answers. Players can also get in touch to address any problems they're having with the software, ask for recommendations about the best games to play, and have the terms & conditions of bonuses and promotions explained to them using email contact or a Live Chat Support. The Live Chat options promises immediate responses, with players being connected to Chat Operators within seconds.

  • Multi-language and multiple currency options
  • Unique games from lesser-known software provider
  • Great customer support
  • Limited game variety
  • No toll-free support numbers

Players Only Casino Reviews (9)

User Irine time 28.01.2014 00:43

When i came to there website to view their bonus for their new players i saw that they gave a bonus of 100%! So i double checked it if it's true that they gave such a bonus. I asked their representative and she said that they offer 100% deposit bonus when a new player register and deposit for their first deposit but the bonus is up to $50 only. So i made my first deposit after i registered the first time i walk to their main casino and website i stunned because they have many casino games there! They have poker section, sport book section (including horse gaming) and classic casino games. I also saw that they have different types of bonuses in every section but for me i got their classic casino bonus.
It's okay because i also got their sport betting promo $25 free credits! The bad news to their casino is the slots are limited. Remember that they're RTG powered platform and they must have different varieties of slots. It's a problem because they have another game that can be substituted for slots. I bet to "Aztec Treasure slot" and other common slots like Mr Vegas, Gladiator, True Illusion (a good slot for me) and others! I bet $.90 per spin and one of the spin change my credits into good cash! I observed their games and found out that they're fair to their players! That's a good news because you know that they're reliable casino. I also withdrew to their casino but it takes days when they cash it out but i don't encounter any problem and hassle. I forgot that they have a refer a friend program and i referred one of my friend the steps are very easy first you must log in then submit your friends name and email after your friend deposit you'll got 25% of your friend's deposit after 24 hours and also you'll got $33 tournament free credit at the end of the month!
Overall review the Players Only Casino is a reliable casino and nice casino and i will give them a 9/10 overall!

User goldenmember time 25.05.2013 00:38

To the person (chiel) who mentioned that this is a scam site, I am quite surprised because I have used their sportsbook for matched betting purposes (perfectly legal) and not run into any problems.The casino is run by the same company and I have also played there using the same wallet and not had any issues.If it was a scam it was probably because people do not read the small print or have their bonuses locked or have waited too long and they have expired - they are usually very strict with this.
My experience with their casino was after I had won some money from their sportsbook and took the money over to the casino to play.I did not take any of their bonuses and did not concern myself with any promotions.They are a real time gaming casino and they do offer instant play.There are lots of different video poker games, in my experience these are on the 'bad odds' side and I have always tended to avoid them.The table games and card games are solid and I ended up staking my money on them.The blackjack I recall I lost money on that I risked a lot on for roulette to claim back.No real issues with fairness and you can actually bet tiny sizes so you never really lose that much.The video slot games are very typical slot games - nothing special about them, and I was not interested enough to play them.There are a few that offer free spins and extra bonuses, but graphically they are a little bit on the ugly side.
Overall I would rate this casino as an average casino, but it is certainly not a scam.If you are a US player and you are interested in poker, casinos and sports then I think its one of the better RTG sites to join up to.I would rate the casino as a 7/10 - definitely worth a try, especially if they have any decent deals going on.

User FCR time 29.04.2013 00:20

I tried Players Only Casino a few months ago. Even though they established in 2003, they have quickly built a tremendous reputation, and became among the most popular online casinos.
Players Only Casino uses Real Time Gaming software, which is easy to navigate and guarantees high security, but isn’t really nice to look at. At first glance, I didn’t find the website immensely attractive by its design. I must say that visually speaking, it is the most horrible websites I have ever seen, and it is only a matter of taste. Nevertheless, RTG software has clearly laid out screens and offers a great game play. Players from the European Union can not play at this casino. However, North America players are welcomed!
Players Only Casino has an extensive range of games and offers any games you can think of. Although I didn’t like the graphics, Players Only Casino has other undeniable merits that fascinated me. In fact, the casino offers good options that any other legit Internet casino should offer. Some of them are the various ongoing promotions and bonuses as well as the top-notch security. Players Only Casino do not offer a big choice of deposit options, and stay far below the competition in this regard.
I played 2 times at this casino. The first time was about a year ago, and the second one was a week ago for the sake of this review, but always plummeted. I enjoyed playing because the website is easy to navigate and the extensive games choice, but nothing extraordinary attracted my attention. I saw some bad comments and some complaints about Players Only Casino reporting slow payouts and general poor service and I also saw many people that made hassle-free withdrawals. It is up to you to take a decision, according to your needs and your analytical mind. For me, it is a 6/10 for this average casino!

User cristinaxx time 16.04.2013 00:51

Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Players Only Casino (odd name for a casino, I think). I never played at this casino before, even though I read about it a few times. Its software is Real Time Gaming, which I heard is sometimes better than Playtech or Microgaming. Let’s give it a shot, I thought!
So I entered their website, which is nothing spectacular. Their promotions, however, really surprised me- and in a good way. They have one bonus each day. Regarding the first deposit bonus, I have to confess that I am quite confused. One of the bonuses consists of 10% of your deposit- for the casino and 200% up to 2000$ for Poker.
Reading this I decided to play some Poker. My poker skills are not that excellent, but I am not the worst poker player either. I downloaded the software (which did not take long), created an account, got my bonus on my 50$ I deposited and started putting on my poker face.
I really liked the software, because it never lagged and it never had interruptions or anything. I also received a coupon for one seat into any 500$ Welcome Freeroll. I did not have the chance to play yet. I will keep you posted.
My conclusion is that the casino- at least the poker department- is worth spending your money in. I did not try any slots unfortunately, but maybe someday I will!
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 8/10 Real Time Gaming
Bonuses 7/10
Support: did not really used it
Cashouts: I do not know yet (hopefully soon I will!)

User Luciana time 26.03.2013 01:19

It's his mark for payouts, 7,5 of 10 :)

User NovomaticFan time 26.03.2013 00:30

Hehe, okay. I was confused if he meant withdraws ór the payouts of the slots.Maybe better to delete this messages to not disturb the review written.Thanks!

User NovomaticFan time 23.03.2013 00:13

Noce review, thanks.What do you exactly mean with: Payouts 7.5/10?

User Icymod time 22.03.2013 00:53

Okay to start off I knew Players Only casino on an affiliate website called BankrollMob. I was invited via email from BankrollMob regarding their new bankroll no deposit list. So I made haste to their website. Before going through to the casino I first was introduced to Players Only Poker. Right after several playthrough and accumulated points from the Free Bankroll I received I went on to download Players Only casino right after to only find out this was a Betsoft software. I did find they do also have some games coming from Real Time Gaming so this gave me a little more interest towards the casino. I was entitled to play Mr Vegas, A 30 Paylines 3D Slot that features what Vegas has to offer along with a lucky fellow named Mr Vegas. Inside this 3D slot there are 4 different features to land. The first one is a classic slots bonus triggered only if I land 3 scattered slot machines.
The more Slot machines I landed on the more spins I can use inside the feature. For only 3 scattered slot machines I was able to pick up 3 spins only to get one win from a cherry worth 2x my bet ($1.80 for a $0.90 bet). It wasn't the type of feature I would really like but should I hit nothing I would want this feature to take it's place instead (rather than a loss). The second feature is a free spins feature. One way to trigger this feature (the most common) is by landing Mr Vegas and a dice symbol both together horizontally left to right or right to left so long as they are lined up together. Mr Vegas rolls the dice to reveal a number from two dices. What I found is if he lands doubles my free spins are multiplied by 2x so I could walk away withto up 12 Free Spins at 2x! If their are no doubles rolled then the free spins are payed normally without the multiplier which was a let down! The 3rd feature is a bonus round triggered only if Mr Vegas Lands on Reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. This was moderately hard to achieve as most of the time only 2 Mr Vegas symbols land without the 3rd symbol to trigger the feature. Inside I was asked to choose 3 numbers on the roulette table. When I land a chosen number I would win 10x my bet (for $0.90) and the two ladies would yell out and cheer and Mr Vegas would do a similar move that Austin Powers would do when saying "Groovy Baby" using two index fingers. Finally this feature is a real b***h to land on. This is the Jackpot Round where I have to land a total of 5 golden slabs across the 5 Reels to gain entrance to the Wheel where really big bonus credits and Free Spins laid their. This was the holy grail of bonuses for this 3D slot! Sometimes when I spun the reels the slabs would come in randomly in 3's and even 4's. What I hate the most is if these slabs land on the first 4 reels and nothing on the 5th reel. It is like a wild goose chase per se! Once I triggered the Wheel 10 Free Spins came out of it! This made me discouraged because I was looking for something bigger for triggering such a hard feature. It was not all that bad since the 10 Free Spins did come with 2x. I did take out $33 (3300 coins) from it all (with 8 more spins added when I got Mr Vegas and a dice symbol inside). Once my chase was over bills from the name of the video slot poured money (bills) out while accumulating 3300 coins.
Once I had $75 I used the whole balance on Roulette where I made a daring but incorrect move! Rather than listen to my conscience I listened to my mind instead, I wanted to relive a moment where a big amount would show up by gambling a full amount to double it. This would be my first time failing but I will probably not repeat it again. All I lost was my wins and the minimum deposit in exchange for a big rush of adrenaline. Was it worth it? tell me.
Support: N/A (Didn't contact them)
Terms and Conditions: N/A (Did not take any bonuses)
Deposits: 9/10
Payouts: 7.5/10
Withdrawals: N/A

User Chiel time 10.10.2012 00:09

I usually do a google search for casino's before I join them and researching this one gave me a load of sites listing this as a fraudulent scam site (blacklisted). I wonder why askgamblers is suggesting this site to me as a top 50 site without any negative reviews?
Can anyone shine some light on this?